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About Us

Tri-Flexsi has established a solid reputation in the medical community by providing quality care to patients at home. The agency was established in 2005 by Rita Trimmer-Ray to assist children caring for their aging parents. Rita is the youngest of the four children, and at the age of 10, her father lost his battle with colon cancer. At the age of 13, her step-father died of coronary artery disease. When she was 17, her mother died of kidney failure. Her goal is to help children deal with the challenges of caring for their aging parents. Tri-Flexsi has developed a strong and trusting relationship with the medical community in Houston and we have established a comprehensive home care approach to meet the needs of our patients.

Tri-Flexsi provides services to patients throughout the Greater Houston Metroplex and its surrounding counties.

Mission Statement

The mission of Tri-Flexsi Home Health Care is to provide flexible care while meeting each patient’s unique needs.

We are committed to helping our clients reach their maximum level of function and independence while recovering at home.

By keeping Christ as the center of our business, our staff will adhere to the basic rights of all patients and ensure that all patients receive optimal nursing care.

You Can Count on Tri-Flexsi When It Comes to Providing:

We have a broad array of professional and non-professional services to choose from.


Our staff can assist with any medical-related tasks and other basic and complex healthcare needs.


We evaluate and determine a care plan that will best yield successful outcomes.


You can have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are being looked after by well-trained professionals.


We take the extra steps to provide you with the available resources and other essentials.

The Tri-Flexsi Advantage

Providing a tradition of quality and dependability, Houston-based Tri-Flexsi has earned a solid reputation for high-quality health care service. The goal of Tri-Flexsi is to provide flexible care with you, the patient, in mind.